Tell me about ... The United Nations

by Jean jacques Chevron (author), Elisabeth Belchamber (translation)
october 2018


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The United Nations exercises a worldwide
responsibility and, yet, too often is little known by
the general public.
When and why was the United Nations founded?
What are its ideals, its goals and the means at
its disposal for reaching them? What is its structure?
How does it function? What are the problems it faces
day-to-day and in the long term?
How can the men and women who head
the organization and work for it, set aside
the conflicts their own countries are involved in
and devote their energies to the realization
of mankind’s loftiest goals: the establishment of a just
and lasting peace for all in the world?
This small book describes in simple and concrete
terms the “network” of the United Nations as
it functions today.
It shows why, in the beginning of our 21st century,
it is of the utmost importance to preserve
and strengthen this unique instrument of action
which was created to serve people and nations
all over the world.

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Author(s): Jean jacques Chevron

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Published: 4 october 2018

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